Statement of philosophy

Freedom of choice. Our individual destinies provide us with situations that require us to make decisions. The choices we make determine future events and directions, and can mold our destiny.

We are in control. The movement of planets over points of our natal chart provides the stimulus for making decisions: we fall in love, we are fired from a job, we encounter obstacles that make us reconsider committments we have previously made, both to ourselves and to others. Although each of these situations can inspire strong emotions, what we do about the situation and how we handle our emotions are totally under our control.

Synchronicity. The art of astrology involves the study of synchronicity. When two events occur simultaneously, they become related. We are described by the nature of the moment of our birth. For example, a meal we eat on a day when we lose a job or a loved one can forever influence our attitude toward those foods. The meal itself is not bad, it simply occurs at an unfortunate time in our lives. A natal chart can tell the circumstances surrounding the time of birth, and the nature of the challenges that personality will be faced with.

Tarot symbols. Tarot cards provide symbols to open the psyche. The symbols on a Tarot deck represent images understood by the non-verbal mind. They are the language of the subconscious. Through study of the cards drawn in a reading, we can delve into emotional and psychic issues and arrive at a deeper understanding of the meaning of events in our lives.

Last updated 15 Feb 1998

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